2011-2014 F-150

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All new OCTANE Series for Ford ECO-BOOST powered F150.       

Why settle with a module that only controls one function when you can have more? Look no further than the new OCTANE Series from TS Performance. OCTANE Series controls not only boost and fuel, but also ties in a throttle control module in one easy to install package. 

  • OEM style connectors for simple plug and play installation with no ECM re-flash required.
  • Improves boost, fuel, and throttle response with one module.
  • Leaves no footprint after removal… easily removed for dealer service or lease returns.
  • Multi-channel tuning with state-of-the-art processors that allow for easy adjustability.
  • Up to 100 rwhp and 175 ft-lb torque gains.

The Octane Series is available as a boost & fuel module alone OR in the All new Multi-channel All in one module which offers both Throttle & Boost in the same easy to install module! No need for multiple controls, multiple installs, or confusing re-flashes that void your warranty.

The Octane Series Boost Module boasts a plug-and-play design that does not leave fingerprints in the factory computer!

  • Octane Stage 1 offers up to 50+ HP gains in your truck.
  • The in-cab adjustable feature is convenient and give you control over your power & fuel economy gains. 

The Octane Series Throttle Booster increases throttle response and nearly eliminates turbo lag! Featuring easy-to-install plug and play connections, the Booster allows you to adjust throttle sensitivity to fit your driving habits.