Informant Pro Data Logger (Sensors at Additional Cost)

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When you want to get serious about your sled pulling or drag racing, it’s time to step up to the TS Performance I-Pro touch screen data logger. This is a serious data logger that’s made in the USA. The ten-inch by six-inch color LCD touch screen can display up to 20 gauges on the screen in real time.

The I-Pro will monitor up to:

  • 8 thermocouples
  • 8 pressures
  • 5 speed sensors (3 three- wire, 2 two-wire)

The Bluetooth-enabled unit has a GPS for ground speed, a back-up camera, and it is wireless. 

The I-Pro even has 2 two-amp outputs for extra solenoid controls. 

Instant feedback for quick reference is provided on the screen, while provided software allows for more detailed information. 
The I-Pro can be programmed for minimum and maximum value screens for a quick look, and the user can choose between analog or digital gauges.


  • 8x Pressure Sensors
  • 8x Thermocouplers
  • 5x RPM signals: 2x 2-wire and 3x 3-wire
  • 4x Camera inputs
  • GPS speed sensor
  • Can trigger warning lights or turn on accessories based on parameters you set (for example: Fans or Pumps)
  • Data can be displayed on the screen or downloaded to a computer
  • View gauges wirelessly on a laptop computer in real time
  • Add more sensors and channels as needed
  • 6"x10" Color LCD touch screen
  • Can have custom logos downloaded
  • Monitor up to 20 gauges on the screen in real time