7110101P 2007-2014 Jeep/Mercedes/Audi 3.0L TS Performance MP-8 Luxury Tuning Module

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TS Performance MP-8 Luxury Tuning Module for Jeep/Mercedes/Audi 3.0L 2007-2014

TS Performances MP-8 Luxury Edition computer module can improve the fuel economy and performance of your Mercedes, Audi, or Jeep Diesel powered passenger car or SUV. The MP-8 is a simple plug-in module that communicates with your vehicle's engine computer to calibrate and optimize fuel distribution under a variety of driving conditions. The result is improved efficiency that delivers 2-4 mpg better fuel economy and up to a 50 horsepower increase. Based on the current cost of diesel fuel and a 15,000 annual mileage average, owners can save hundreds of dollars annually with a 2-MPG increase. This makes the MP-8 one of the only performance products that can actually pay for itself.

The TS Performance MP-8 Luxury Edition module fits all 2008-2013 model Mercedes Benz E320 CDI passenger cars and ML320, GL320 and R320 diesel powered SUVs, as well as 2007-2014 3.0L Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2009-2014 Audi Q7 TDI, Q5 TDI, A6/A7/A8 Quattro TDI 3.0L diesels. The MP8 module is easy to install and is compatible with all of your factory equipment. Because the MP-8 is a plug-in module and not a downloadable tuner, it does not rewrite your factory computers tuning and can be easily unplugged if you take your vehicle in for service or when your vehicles lease agreement has expired.

Furthermore, the MP-8 can never be outdated, as it can be easily upgraded with new TS Performance programs that become available and can be used on a variety of other diesel applications with new connection adapters available from TS Performance

  • Easy Installation: Plug & Play
  • Gain HP and fuel mileage: gain UP TO 65HP.
  • Does not leave fingerprint in the factory computer
  • Excellent module for improved towing performance
  • Wont increase Exhaust Gas Temperatures
  • Great fuel economy enhancer " expect a 2-4 MPG increase!

Installation Note: The Luxury Series MP8 is not adjustable because not many customers will want to mount the knob on the dash in these vehicles.

Installation Guide

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