The Medium Duty MP8 is designed to work on your dump truck, bus or RV to help you get our load moving down the road and keep you at the optimum speed to get you the better fuel economy you deserve.  The MP8 connects to the sensors on your engine and can gain you up to 30% more Horsepower and Torque while saving you 15% on fuel economy.  The power level can be turned up and down with a switch mounted in the cab.  For the guys with a rear mounted engine in an RV we do offer a 40’ extension that will allow you to adjust the power gains from the driver’s seat.  The extensions are sold separately based on need.  All applications are based on what engine you are running.  Comes with the standard TS Performance Lifetime Warranty.

Applications Include: Caterpillar, Cummins, Duramax, International,